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Telepresence & Retail Solutions



Double 3
The industry standard for remote presence. 


GoBe Robot
For when you demand to be seen and heard. 
Group 281
Reception Mini
Retail meets AI, an unparalleled service experience

Holoportation & HealthPods


Holoportation is here, and it's incredible.


Self-service remote telehealthcare pods have arrived!

Telepresence Insights

Keep up to date with innovations in the world of telepresence.

2 min read

How TeleIn's Holoportation and Remote Presence Robot Technologies are Answering Queensland's Teacher Shortage Crisis

The recent article in the Courier Mail titled "400 vacancies: Push for retirees, grey nomads to become teachers" has cast a spotlight on the escalating teacher shortage crisis in Queensland, Australia. Innovative solutions are on the horizon,...

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2 min read

Redefining Human Connections: TeleIn and Proto Hologram's Collaborative Venture in Australia

TeleIn, a trailblazing company at the forefront...

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Remote Health Pods bridging the remote health gap

4 min read

Telehealth: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Human Touch

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape,...

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3 min read

Revolutionise Remote Work: Top 5 Telepresence Robots

Introduction The world of work is evolving...

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Telepresence robot solutions being used in Queensland Schools

2 min read

Telepresence Solutions: Bridging the Gap in Education for Sick Children

The Power of Telepresence in Education...

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3 min read

Three ways to elevate employee productivity with Remote Presence

Employee productivity is crucial to any...

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