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Double 3
The industry standard for remote presence. 


GoBe Robot
For when you demand to be seen and heard. 

Holoportation & Reception Robotics


Holoportation is here, and it's incredible.
Group 281
Reception Mini
Retail meets AI, an unparalleled service experience

Benjamin Farkas

2 min read

Best affordable Telepresence Robots

What Is A Virtual Telepresence Robot? The term telepresence describes any technology which enables a person to simulate being in one location when they are in another location. This can include observing the surroundings of their virtual location,...

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1 min read

Telepresence Robot to Reduce CO2 Emissions: The Future of Remote Work

A lot has changed in the past few years. With the...

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Education technology: I am NOT a robot

Access to a telepresence robot has the potential...

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2 min read

Where Telepresence Robots are taking us in wedding trends

With COVID border travel and government...

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2 min read

The Future of Business: Rethinking Remote Working for a Cleaner Planet

As the world's population continues to grow, so...

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Medical consultation by telepresence robot

2 min read

How telepresence robots are used in healthcare

Telepresence robots are a relatively new...

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3 min read

Why Businesses are adopting telepresence robots in droves

Telepresence robots are becoming more and more of...

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5 min read

The Future of Work, the Metaverse and Telepresence Robots - What's the link?

This article explores how telepresence robot...

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