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Where Telepresence Robots are taking us in wedding trends


With COVID border travel and government restrictions preventing many of us to travel these days - we've been forced to find new ideas to stay in touch with loved ones. And the future of weddings might be to do just that!

Double is a Telepresence robot - but not like any other you've seen before. You don't control it - your guests do! And they can interact with you while streaming video onto it’s 9.7" high definition screen. 

They can see you, talk to you and even perform their favourite dance moves in your direction! It's not just a novelty idea either- the Double has a battery life of four hours. That means your friends can control it for most of your wedding day without having to recharge!

There are so many benefits of this type of technology including the ability to interact with others as though you were there, through its self-balancing and mobile base and is another way to create an interactive experience for your special guests who can't physically attend.

Meeting the demands of Weddings

Brides want the best for their guests. The atmosphere is key to keeping everyone engaged, and that's what is happening with this emerging technology.

Double, the telepresence robot is another way for your guests to experience your wedding day, all while still being able to visit with family and friends who could not attend. This is a great way for them to feel involved in the fun!

Double has been tested in a variety of different situations including the snowy mountains and it’s perfect for weddings. We can't assume that everyone wants an interactive experience, but we really do think that your guests want to be involved as much as possible. For those who want a more traditional wedding feel, can have their own Beam and control it from home. The possibilities are endless with this type of technology and we're excited to see where it goes next!

Telepresence Robots complement live streaming services

Live streaming is more aimed for the ceremony only and is a passive experience for guests, who generally can't interact and can only watch the live stream. The value of Telepresence Robots is the unique two way experience, as they see your facial expressions as you talk to them one-on-one and are able to interact with one another instead of just watching what's going on.


We can't assume that everyone wants or needs an interactive experience, but for your high valued guests and close family, this technology helps them to be involved as much as possible. The possibilities are endless.

With the future of technology at our fingertips it's not surprising that this is becoming one of the more common trends in weddings today. For anyone looking to spice up their big day, you can learn more about our Telepresence robot wedding rental services by visiting our website.

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